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Adult Smash Cake Photoshoot

Smash cake photoshoots are probably my MOST favorite pictures to look at, and possibly take! I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I’m working on my skills.

My daughter turns One in a couple weeks, so why not practice, right?

But who says only one year olds get to have all the fun! My Mother also had a Big birthday this month. The BIG 50!

She is the most fun, beautiful, and crazy 50 year old I know, so what better way to celebrate her passage into the 50’s than with an Adult Smash Cake Photoshoot! She is also the BIGGEST Dallas Cowboys fan I know, so the inspiration came easy!

Adult Smash Cake

So easy to put together. All you need is a Beautiful subject (Check), a pretty little cake (Check), and a lot of confetti (definite check). Well, maybe some Champagne too seeing as this IS adult!

Dallas Cowboys Smash Cake PhotoshootIsn’t my Mother just Stunning!

It never hurts to do these types of photoshoots with your closest friends and family, cause let me tell you, it makes for GREAT blooper pictures! (ha) When you tell her to blow the confetti hard and she does just that, and blows it all into your sisters face! (HAHA)

Smash Session with Confetti Smash Cake with Confetti Smash Cake Photoshoot


This was such a fun experience and I know my Momma had a BLAST, as did my Littles. They join in just about everything I do, so of course they did in this one as well, and they were such great test subjects!

That confetti throw was a picture I really needed a “test subject” first and Westin did awesome, and had a blast in the process!

My babies at the Smash Cake Photoshoot Westin testing out the confetti throw Eating the remaining of the smash cake


Check out my Facebook page for a lot more pictures, and when your birthday comes around, try out an Adult Smash Cake photoshoot!

You will NOT be upset you did!

Dallas Cowboys Smash Cake Dallas Cowboys Smash Cake

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