I am Christine. An official caffeine queen. A stay at home mom just living her dream (Don’t lie, you sang that a little bit didn’t you). A follower of Christ. A hard working mans wife (I might as well keep this going right?). A southern girl who loves to run. Who can out bake just about anyone (if you ask my 3 year old and maybe my mother, but she’s a little biased).

All joking, and rhyming aside, I am a real life Southern Momma.

I may or may not have shaved my legs today. I may have let my Kid share goldfish with the Dog, and I might or might not be looking forward to the Sugarfree Rockstar in my fridge (after I JUST had my morning coffee..I know I have a slight problem)

But, I can laugh at myself, and do so often, because Life is not Perfect and neither am I.

I am the Trial and Error Queen, and I’m okay with that. I’m not one that needs Perfection, but I’m also that person who won’t stop till I’ve achieved the BEST I know I can do (even if that means doing something 5 times in a row)! If my experiences can save ONE person from having to do something over and over to get it “Somewhat perfect” I’ll be SMILING ear to ear! In the Kitchen with recipes you thought were something you just “couldn’t” do, with our Kids even when you think you’ve failed miserably, or in the midst of all the Chaos (which I’m chalking up to just about everything us Moms try to do other than the said mentions above, like throwing our Kids a party or working out when we get the chance ha). I love what I do, and I can’t wait to do it Tomorrow!

A little about my Inspiration behind what makes me..ME

I am a mother to two amazing little humans (I see how my mother can be so biased now).

Westin GlennWestinGlenn

is the baby who made me a Mother. He is my soft hearted (just like me), superhero loving, muffin obsessed, big Threenager. We are learning life together as his little mind grows and things change on the daily! He can take me so close to my breaking point, and then bring me right back with little things I never thought I would think was funny, like the word (GULP) Fart. Ugh, what being a Boy Mom will do to you.┬áHe is my Little Boy and I cry every time I hear Lee Brice’s song “Boy” cause…that’s so my child!

Then there is Whitleigh Beckett.

WBIMan, she’s a force to be reckoned with, I tell ya! She is the one who completed our family. She is the baby and the only girl on my husbands side of our family and she knows it! She is the one who will throw the punch and then cry about it afterwards (again the kid inherited her mothers soft heartedness). She has her brother and her father wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers, I’m not convinced. Who am I kidding, I’m just as wrapped (haha) She’s going to be the one to make me pull my hair out when it’s time to shed that paci. Girl is obsessed I tell you. She really does leave a sparkle where ever she goes. Wildflower! My Heart! The Bigger the Bow, The Closer to Jesus!

Last but not least,

Hubbythere’s the guy who makes everything possible for us. My husband, Ryan. He is the most selfless, hard working, smart (man that guy is smart), and funny man. The guy can take any song out there, and make is hilarious (I’ll spare you the details, unless you’re just curious). He’s my own little Rodney Carrington (ha) and I got lucky enough to find him, and I get to keep him forever! He challenges me everyday and never lets me forget how amazing I am. He’s the amazing one. I truly would not be me without him!

Thank you for taking your precious time to learn a little about the real Mom behind A Piece of Mom. I’d love for you to follow me in this Trial and Error journey

and join as I share my experiences with The Kids, in the Kitchen, and in ALL the Chaos we call Life.

Stick around for some amazing recipes from a real home kitchen, and also some inspiring stories cause my kids really do and say the darndest things!