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Confessions on Working out from a Stay at Home Mom

I am a firm believer in Exercise!

The way I eat sweets, I have to be! Just kidding, but for real yall.

I really am though, I believe our body’s NEED and crave movement, sweat, and that C word no one wants to talk about…CARDIO! (haha)

I may not be a size zero(nor do I want to be), but I bet I can out run JUST about anyone around…on my good days! My bad days consist of taste testing TOO many of my desserts, and probably power chugging some kind of energy drink, so most likely I’ll avoid those challengers on those days! (HAHA)

and I probably drink more water than the fish in our Fish tank, (wait, do fish DRINK water? I don’t know, forget I asked) but, water is KEY!

You will not catch me without my RTIC cup (or any brand for that matter) near me at all times, filled with water! ALWAYS, I don’t know what I did before those cups came out, drink hot water out of water bottles? I don’t know but there’s no going back now. ha (I have a bit of a problem)

Rtic cups and more

I know WAY too many people who HATE water, and I just don’t get it, but To Each His Own right. I have come across a couple different water combos that help those “water haters” get this stuff down more easy, that I must admit are DELISH, and have health benefits as well! (virtual Thumbs Up!)

Check some out here.

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission at no additional cost to you if purchased through the link.*

I think one of the hardest things about exercise is finding the time and energy to get it done!


I get it, it’s a rough, busy world out there. BUT, if something that can be SO easy be SO good for you…I’D FIND THE TIME! and Hell, there are pre-workout drinks for that energy part! (haha)

For real though, if you like a little push before your workout, try some! It took me a couple different brands, and flavors to find the one that worked for me and that I could stand to drink. Trust me, some of them out there are down right HORRIBLE! Like can’t even drink them with your nose plugged!

One brand I bought, I tried maybe 3 times to “give it another shot”, and then it sat in my pantry for about 2 pregnancies (that is NOT a joke), until I found it hidden behind who knows what, and I finally threw it out! (BARF…it was HORRIBLE!) I’ll name drop if you like, but you have to ask me! haha

After a couple different brands, I’ve found one that I like! I don’t drink this stuff everyday or before every workout, I don’t feel like I NEED it that much. But there are days where I could use that little extra push, or if I know I’m going to be hitting it a little harder than normal, those are the days I’ll pull out the shaker!

EBoost Pow Natural Pre-workout

Tropical Punch flavor.

  • This stuff gave me such a..well…A boost! A natural boost at that. It doesn’t have a bunch of crud in it, which impresses me!
  • The taste was pretty good. I’ve had WAY to many (speaking about the one in my pantry, said it was green tea flavor…I’ve NEVER had green tea that tasted like that) that tasted horrendous! Like could not even plug my nose and get through it. This particular one tasted like a juice drink that fizzes (The Tropical Punch flavor, I haven’t yet tried the melon)! I love Fizzy drinks! They call this the effervescent system.
  • One thing I feel I should mention though, is this stuff contains a natural amino acid called Beta-Alanine ( I know, if you’re a normal human being and not a scientist you probably don’t know what this means and neither did I till..) that will (or may, it can effect people differently) cause a harmless and temporary tingling sensation. When I read this on the packet (I bought a sample first at Sprouts) it didn’t phase me. I have taken supplements before with “Niacin” in them and it gives me a red flushed sensation, so I kind of knew what was coming. Wheww baby…It really got to me! It started in my ears and cheeks, a tingling sensation that kind of feels like you’re allergic to something. If I would not have read the packet first, I MIGHT have been concerned! (haha Read your Labels!) It’s a very weird feeling, but HONESTLY after my workout, it faded and I wanted to try it again. Weird I know!
  • But yall, it gave me such a good boost for my workout! The next day, I could tell I did something different because I was sore, more sore than normal. I feel like with that added boost, it made me work harder and I LOVED IT!

If you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to do it.

That’s common sense right there!
For example, I LOVE to run! Running is everything to me. I could do it for days (seriously like Forrest Gump did and my husband thinks I’m NUTS)

Not much gets between me and my Nikes, even nap time (and that Big one doesn’t normally nap, so this was a win win)

Nap time in the Double Stroller

BUT Strength training,

NOT MY THING, Nope, I don’t want to do it.

I don’t want to go to the gym and lift weights. I just don’t want to! You have to make me do it.

And not to mention being a Stay at Home Mom, it’s hard for me to get out of the house and make it to the gym. I can either go and pay for child care (which I’m not up for people I don’t know watching my kids, I’m just not there yet) or I can go when my husband gets home from work. I don’t like that option either, because we don’t get much “family time” together, and I’d rather spend my time with him and the kids before they go to bed than head to the gym for an hour to do something I don’t even enjoy.

BUT, I found something that works for me!

First, just know I am in no way affiliated with Beachbody. I should be because I LOVE this particular workout (haha) but I’m not trying to sell to anyone. I’m just giving my opinion on something I use DAILY and something that I LOVE.

I have tried many At Home workouts, and this is the one that has stuck! I enjoy it and it uses your own body weight (and a pair of dumb bells occasionally) and Yall, it’s 25 minutes.

25 minutes! That’s nothing!

It’s called T-25


I honestly couldn’t tell you how much it was (or is if they even sell it anymore). My husband bought this DVD set for me before our wedding (yes, over 4 years ago, There might be something better now) so I didn’t have to do Insanity anymore (man, Insanity was amazing and hard, so challenging, but it was over an hour long workout and I just didn’t want to do that then, or now).

Ain’t no way my kids are going to give me an hour to workout haha

I can get my workout (my hardcore, going to give me results if I do the work, workout) done while my little one naps, and the older one, well, watches a show cause let’s face it, he hasn’t napped since he was 1.5 years old, and still have time to eat lunch, and do the laundry before she gets up!

Being able to work out in my own living room, and it NOT be a joke workout, is one of the best blessings out there!

Yes, I run with my littles all the time, and it’s amazing! Nothing makes me happier than when my 3 year old says “Mommy, we should go on a run?” Oh man, hit me right in the soft spot!

But, here in Texas, you never know what kind of weather you’re going to get. It could be 105 degrees for 3 weeks straight, or turn into the rain forest and never stop raining! Either way, you can’t take 2 littles out in that kind of weather and expect them to enjoy it.

So thankful to have found my At Home workout that works for me! I will always keep that DVD set!

Inspiration, everyone needs Inspiration, and you can find it in so many forms.

I’ll give you my two biggest inspirations and leave you at that.

ONE: My Kids

After workout love Workout partner

Now, my daughter isn’t old enough to know what I’m doing just yet but my Son, my Son is Three and has been working out with me, well ever since he can remember. It started out with us running together. When he was big enough to sit in the jogger safely, we started our runs.

Running Date

And man was he the cutest Running Buddy EVER! (still is)

Double Jogger

Then a couple months into that, he lost interest and did not enjoy riding any longer! So I started T25 again in the living room and ever since he could, he would mimic me! Squats, leg lifts, even burpees! (I have videos to look back on, and oh my goodness so stinking cute!)

To this day, he’ll ask me “Mom, don’t we need to workout today?” And he will with me! Not for long cause, come on, he’s Three! ha. But the fact that my kid knows how to do a squat and awesome burpees, and enjoys it, AT THREE, means I’m doing something right as a role model (in my mind)! He is one of the BIGGEST inspirations I will ever have and I just pray my Daughter follows suit!

Thanks Bubba!

And two, My Kids:

Ha. Right, she already said that, but it’s not a joke! The fact that I am a Mother of two is a real BIG factor! I do not have the body I once had in high school. I’m kind of glad I don’t, my body has SO matured since then! ha. Thank goodness.

But having children has changed my body, and making sure I’m happy with my body is a big deal!


Yes, don’t get me wrong, I love when people tell me I look good. I’m Human, can’t help it!

But the fact that I (most of the time) can look at my body and say “Yes, you look amazing!” or “Yes, you are SO strong” puts me in the most amazing mood I can imagine!

Again, don’t get me wrong, I have my days! You know those days where you’re like “Ugh, really I have NOTHING to wear” or those “I’m NOT going” days, but I don’t let those days define me!

I don’t let them get me down. I let the GOOD days push me towards more greatness, so I have fewer of those “other” days!

Confessions of a Mother of Two

In other words, Be happy with yourself! Work what you got! We are all unique and all our lives are different in so many ways! I do what I can, when I can, and I do it because I enjoy how it makes me feel, how it makes me look, and most importantly, how if affects my children!

Working out and being healthy is a BIG part of my life, and the fact that my children are following suit ALREADY. Man I couldn’t be any Prouder as a parent!

Find what works for you.

Find what makes you feel good.

Find that “thing” that gives you that good feeling that no one else can give you.

Find it and Work it!

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