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Healthy, Delicious Meal Prep Nourishment Bowls

So being it is the New Year, I have really been trying to eat healthier. Of course right! I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job so far!

Have you?

The other day while shopping at Target, you know those days, going in for some laundry soap and walking out with aisle 12. haha

Target am I right? Well, it was around lunch time and I just wanted something quick and light. I ended up finding a nourishment bowl in the produce section that read “microwave for 3-4 minutes and only 220 calories”.

About $4.00, alright, I’ll try it.

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Yall, it was delicious! I got to thinking about how I could make them at home. Make things a little easier and better for the budget. Win Win right.

Being a Stay at Home Mom, I feel like lunch is MY meal. It is the meal that makes my day a GOOD day. Gets me motivated to do my things. Does that make sense to anyone else?

My little one naps right around my lunch time, so it’s MY time to relax a bit after my workout ( it’s the big ones quiet time as well seeing as how he doesn’t nap). I want a healthy, filling, delicious, and easy meal to sit down with and maybe watch a show. MAYBE. Ok, half a show.

Taking notes from this bowl I found at Target, I found a PERFECT recipe!

If you’re wondering what a nourishment bowl is, it’s mainly a meal made up of really good for you foods.

The main part of this nourishment bowl is made up of Sweet Potatoes, Kale, and Cauliflower. Doesn’t sound too exciting or delicious yet does it. Keep up with me though.

This recipe yields about 5 days worth of lunches. Perfect for meal prepping!

First, start by chopping everything up into the same size bites.

I start with the sweet potatoes. I like to use one big healthy sweet potato, chopped up into little cubes, a little smaller than say, a cheese cube (about 2 centimeters, and if that means nothing to you, I’d say bite size ha).

Have you ever chopped up a sweet potato? Man, they are tough! Put your back into it, I say! ha. I LOVE my ceramic knifes. They stay so sharp, and not to mention the colors just make me happy. I love to use the Cuisinart knifes below.

The cauliflower comes next. Cauliflower can be a little hard to chop up, just because it likes to fall apart into a million small pieces. We don’t want a ton of little bitty pieces though. They will cook way faster than the other ingredients and be mushy. Mushy cauliflower doesn’t sound appeasing to me, and I bet not to you either.

I cut my cauliflower up into “steaks” before I chop it any further. I don’t peel it apart like you would, say broccoli. Same size as the sweet potatoes.

Then the Kale. Every adults favorite ingredient, am I right? (Please tell me you hear the sarcasm ha).

Kale has a very hard stem in the middle of the leaves, I suggest cutting that out first. It is not very appetizing. Like chewing on a piece of tree bark.

Just take your knife and run it down the middle of the leaf all the way, top to bottom. Throw in trash haha

Cutting the stem out of the middle of the Kale

Chop up the kale as fine as you like. I chop it up as I would parsley or cilantro (very fine).

Would you look at this little girl? Man she must NOT like Kale. HA

Once you have those three ingredients all cut up, divide them up into your bowls evenly.

I love these meal prep bowls! They are so handy, and come in a pack of like 20! Dishwasher safe,heat proof, freezer proof. Perfect! and not to mention, it makes me feel like I’m getting something fancy, and that helps, ALOT!

Now, add in the yummy parts, the corn and black beans! I like to put them in these little bowls first to measure out. It comes out about a quarter cup of black beans and corn together, and trust me, that’s PLENTY!

About a 1/4 cup of corn and black beans

And pour on the yumminess! I LOVE me a mixture of corn and black beans. LOVE.

What makes this nourishment bowl more than just a bowl of veggies, is the salsa! I’m from the South, I’ll eat salsa on anything!

Normally, I would just say Hot Sauce, but I’ve come across a couple situations where I’ve mentioned hot sauce, and gotten legit hot sauce, like Tabasco, HAHA so just to be safe, I’ll use the word “Salsa”.

About 2 tablespoons of your favorite salsa works.

When you’re ready to eat, all you have to do is mix it all together and place it in the microwave. Cover your bowl with a plate or steamer bowl (you know those things that you use to cover your food in the microwave so your leftover spaghetti doesn’t splatter everywhere haha Life savers). Covering your bowl helps your veggies to steam and cook well.

I cook these bowls for 4 minutes. That seems to be the perfect amount of time to still leave a little crunch texture but not not cooked! Know what I mean?

Be careful pulling these babies out of the microwave. With them being covered and steaming for that long, that steam gets HOT! Pre-warning.

Once you pull your meal out of the microwave, top with a sprinkle of your favorite shredded cheese and

BAM…Healthy, Delicious, and Tummy filling, No Guilt here today, or tomorrow if you stick with your meal prep! HA.

A little added bonus, I don’t normally finish all of the bowl, so when the little one wakes up from her nap ready for lunch, I’ll prepare some noodles and mix the remaining bowl ingredients together, and she devours it!

Mom: 1

Meal time: 0

Win Win!

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