Homemade Yogurt Bites
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Homemade Yogurt Bites

So I wasn’t going to write about these little bites of heaven because they are so simple, I didn’t think I’d get four words in.

BUT, after making them 3 times in a row, one batch right after the kids finished off the other batch, I just HAD to tell yall about them.

I love when you find something SO simple and it turns into a treasure!

My thought when I first decided to make these was, Oh a quick and healthy snack like those baby yogurt melts you find in the store that I can make at home! Obviously, these are a little different, seeing as how these aren’t very portable. If they aren’t in the freezer they will turn back into regular yogurt, BUT around the house they are a perfect little snack (in certain spaces)!

They don’t melt TOO quickly, but I don’t recommend you let your toddler have free range with them (haha because they can get really messy)! But think about how much easier it is to give them a little cup of these frozen bites of heaven as opposed to a spoon and a bowl of messy regular yogurt! For a parent, that is a win win!

They also seem to eat them better than just regular yogurt too, because come on, kids love when things are more fun (at least mine do)! And for a teething one year old, the cold works wonders!

They are SO easy to make! Literally ONE ingredient! Unless you decide to add more, like colorful sprinkles or chocolate chips on top, or whatever you can imagine would taste good with yogurt (which is JUST about anything in my book)!

All you need is:

What you need to make yogurt bites
-Yogurt (my kids love Vanilla Greek Yogurt, simple and yummy)
-A baking sheet covered with Parchment Paper (makes it so easy to peel off after frozen)
-And a plasic bag (I like to use the gallon size so I don’t make a mess when it’s time to refill the baggie, because this can make as many or as little as you want)

All you have to do is spoon your yogurt into your baggie and cut the tip off the end.

Bag full of yogurt ready to "Pipe"

Pipe little drops of yogurt onto your parchment paper and place the whole tray into the freezer for a couple hours (or until completely solid).

Frozen Bites of Healthy Heaven

*Look at those sweet baby feet hanging onto her Mommy. Oh, melt my heart!*

My favorite part is peeling the bites off the parchment paper. Something so satisfying about it! Wait till you try it, you’ll understand where I’m coming from!

To store them,

I place a piece of plastic wrap at the bottom of my Tupperware bowl and wrap the sides around the bites, and then place the lid back on. Keep them in the freezer! They will turn back into regular yogurt if not. Obviously, because these are nothing but yogurt.

Yogurt Bites Storage

When something so simple produces the kind of smiles I get when they have a bowl of these…You bet your bottom these will be stocked in my freezer AT ALL TIMES!

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