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How to Create an Alice and ONE-derland 1st Birthday

Nope I don’t believe, NO I refuse to believe it! My little baby is going to be ONE!


Whitleighs 1st Birthday

Have you ever planned your last baby’s 1st birthday? It’s a bittersweet moment I must say. But man am I excited!

Ideas have just been running through my mind on what to do for her party! Thankfully, I have 3 amazing helpers that are living up planning their only Grand-daughter and Nieces’ First Birthday!

*Thanks Bambi, Aunt Kasey, and Nana!

We have decided on Alice in ONE-derland Theme.

Except it’ll really be “Whitleigh’s ONE-derland” (ha)

We started with the invitation and Boy, is it adorable!

ONE-derland Invitation

Found this print on Etsy, and printed them ourselves! Love cutting out that “middle man”,  it’s so much cheaper! (I blurred out my phone number and address for obvious reasons)

Being the baker that I am, I HAVE to make my Daughter’s First Birthday Smash cake.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t!

Have you ever seen Alice in Wonderland? You know the Mad Hatter Tea Party scene, where they sing “A very merry un-birthday” to Alice and present her with her “Un-birthday” cake?

Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Cake

That’s where my inspiration came from for her Smash Cake! How freaking adorable is this cake? Obviously its not a perfect replica but She loved it

Alice and Wonderland Smash Cake

I also made some delicious cupcakes, for everyone else at the party, because you know that little girl will NOT share hers (haha).

Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

*Delicious Chocolate cake with a Swiss meringue buttercream! Click here for a yummy recipe!

Other Desserts:

Not only will we have cake at her party, we will also have some shortbread cookies with a very cute edible Alice image on top.

Shortbread is such a fabulous thing! It’s so buttery and crispy (oh how I love that word), but smooth and soft at the same time! Oh, I’m drooling! It’s also like the easiest thing to make and so versatile. If you’d like to bake some up, head on over HERE and snag some tips and a fail proof recipe.

She loves Cookies Alice and Wonderland Edible Image Shortbread Cookies

*Someone was happy about these cookies and mad when Momma didn’t give her one!

Main Food and Drink:

We are having her birthday at a Country Club, so they will be making most of the food and providing the refreshments. We decided on a Breakfast Brunch Buffet (the timing is perfect for brunch): scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, French toast and all the toppings. The kids, and the adults, will love it! Of course for the drinks, we will have Coffee! You can’t have a ONE YEAR OLDS birthday party and NOT have Coffee! (Am I right?) I sadly didn’t get any pictures of the food (I was super all over the place), but it was SO good! Definitely worth not having to prepare THAT food myself!

The Entertainment

What is a First birthday without Games! Boring…

With the venue we chose, we had to get creative on the games we were going to put on. We couldn’t do our “normal” Bounce House and piñata this time.

Most of the Guests coming have little kids my Sons age (around 3 years old) as well as Whitleighs age (seeing as how we all got on the same pregnancy schedule somehow haha) So we had to make sure those crazy Toddlers were going to be entertained.


  • “Pin The Grin on the Cheshire Cat” (Again, I’m so mad I didn’t get any picture of the kiddos playing this game! They loved it. It’s mainly “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” but we cut out little Cheshire cat smiles and blind fold the kids, and let them Pin the Grin. Too cute!

Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat

  • Homemade Mini Bean Bag Toss (My absolute favorite, so cute)

Onederland Corn Hole DIY

  • The magical game of Balloons (HAHA) I think this kept the kids more entertained than everything else. Man, do kids love balloons!

Babies and Balloons

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission at no additional cost to you if purchased through the link.*

The Decorations

The Aunts are in charge of this one. Man are they amazing at décor!

Let’s start it out with the Birthday girls Chair! We are bringing her high chair from home for her to have her smash cake on. We are decorating it with a DIY ribbon Banner. So stinkin’ cute!

DIY Highchair Ribbon Banner

*Had to include this picture! The look on her face for her cake is like Relationship Goals!

The little kids are going to have their own little Tea party! We will have a table set up a little bit off  the ground, just high enough they can sit on the floor and eat, and have the Party Favors set up in their place setting.

*Party favors are these cute little Tea Cup sippy cups we found off Amazon!*

And each their own little Alice and Wonderland Shortbread cookie!

Kids Tea Table Setting Kids Tea Party Table

My favorite decoration is most definitely The Balloon Arch!

We actually make these for any occasion, and what better way to show case these amazing, gravity defying Arches than a First Birthday, where EVERY kid LOVES balloons!

Balloon Arch Balloon Arch and Wonderland Backdrop

*If you are interested in a Balloon Arch of any kind, feel free to contact me!*

The party turned out more than Perfect! The Birthday girl enjoyed every bit of it, and so did all her Guests! I’m so thankful for all the help I was given with this party, I truly could NOT have done this without my Posse.


Let’s just say, Whitleigh loved her adventure in ONE-derland, and hopefully you did too!

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