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Newborn Westin

What is in the water these days? I swear everyone I know is pregnant right now.

Hello new Baby Boom? Ayaaa BABIES!

With the excitement of all these new babies coming our way, comes worry! Will this baby sleep through the night, will this baby come naturally or will I have to be induced?

BUT there is no need to worry, better said than done. I KNOW!

But I received some news from my Doctor during my first pregnancy that has remained with me ever since!  She told me “DO not worry, if there is something to worry about, let me do the worrying until I decide its time to let you in.” Now, I trusted and still do trust my Doctor with all my being, so that was a little easier for me to let go of some of that worry!

I know way too many people who are nervous about Induction, and I get it. I really do! To each their own. I understand every birth story is different, even from the same mother. But I am here to let you in on my POSITIVE and healthy induction birth.

pregnantMy first induction birth came out of nowhere. I was not expecting it.

First time Mom at this point:

My pregnancy with my first baby seemed like a breeze. I didn’t get much morning sickness, I walked up until they told me I couldn’t. Everything seemed to be going prefect, until, my doctor decided to go out of town around my 36 week appointment.

UGH, something always seems to go wrong when the doctor is away, right? We went in for our 36 week sono (which went great, he was big, healthy, and still a boy!) but then they took my blood pressure and turns out I had really high blood pressure (I felt great, until then). The nurse practitioner put me on “couch rest” and told me to take it easy and come back in a couple days.

My husband took this TOO far. He went to get us something to eat and comes back with Chick-Fil-A, right. Now, he is a research freak, so of course he was reading everything and more on what we could do to help my high blood pressure. Well turns out salt isn’t good for High BP, so guess what the guy comes back with for me to eat. A GRILLED chicken sandwich FROM Chick-Fil-A with fruit! Now, don’t get me wrong I like their grilled chicken sandwiches and would have been fine with it, but he came back with an Oh so yummy normal Spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries! haha I still don’t let him live that down! (haha)

We went back that week to just check up on my blood pressure and it was still high. She decided to keep me on couch rest until Monday when my doctor came back in town, and could check me out herself. We packed our bags over the weekend, just in case.

-First time Moms, packing your hospital bag is always something you stress over. Here are some of the main things I made sure I had. (That I actually recommend bringing!)

Hospital Bag repack

We way over packed!

I only used a slim amount of the items I brought during my first birth. My second, I didn’t stress over what I was packing, and only packed the essentials:

  • a nice comfy robe, for when visitors come.
  • comfy non-slip socks, so you can walk the halls and not be barefoot.
  • snacks galore, even though everyone brought stuff anyway.
  • a razor (cause yall..I really needed to shave my legs. I’m SO glad I had one!)
  • of course, your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and hair care stuff.
  • A comfy outfit to ride home in. For me it was very loose sweat pants (I guess you could call them that, not quite yoga pants, but not your dads sweatpants haha) and a nice Nursing Tank (Jessica Simpson all the way!)

I swear, I don’t think I used anything else in my bag! haha You’re so busy with Baby and check ins that you don’t “need” anything more.

Back to the story:

So when we arrived at the Doctors office, Nurse Nina checked my blood pressure, and the Doc came in so after and had a big ole cheesy grin on her face(she is so real life yall, I LOVE her!) and said “Man you’ve been busy while I was away, huh!”

She always knew how to calm me down, which is something I needed at that moment! She said “Well I hope you packed, cause we gonna have a baby!” My husband and I looked at each other and neither of us knew what to say. We both thought it was coming, but had no clue it would be THAT day! She explained a little what would happen and told us to head over to the hospital. We were literally feet from the hospital so it wasn’t long till we were checked in and had our room.

pregnantOne good thing about being induced is you don’t have to wait on a room. It’s there waiting for you, instead of waiting in that triage room with other soon to be moms (did that with my second baby, although it was just a false alarm then haha).

So 12:00 pm, here we are, 37 weeks exactly, first time parents about to bring our sweet baby boy into this world.

Not a clue what was about to go on.

Talk about nervous and with High Blood Pressure too, that’s a no-no! ha

Now I did not have Pre-eclampsia, but the Doctor decided to induce me for a JUST IN CASE scenario. She told me not to be nervous about how far along I was. 37 weeks is considered FULL TERM, and he is healthy.

That is all I was really worried about at the time. As long as we were doing this for him, I was COMPLETLY on board!

At this time, I was dilated to a ONE, and about 50 percent effaced. NO WHERE NEAR GO TIME!

After getting everything set up: paperwork, blood pressure, blood taken, monitoring baby, IV in (which the lady did 5 times..grr), all that fun stuff, they finally started SOMETHING.

4 PM: Started first cycle of Cytotec.

Coming in at about 50 percent effaced, I needed a little push to start thinning my cervix, so they started me on Cytotec (don’t ask me much about it, I just know how they used it and what it did for me). They told me they were going to give me 4 rounds (if needed), one every 4 hours. They took this teeny tiny pill and inserted it down below into me (sorry, I’m not one to be very graphic ha) I didn’t feel anything different than when your doctor checks to see how dilated you are.

Now, this was the slow part. Normally (what’s normal when you’re talking about Labor), when you’re in labor you can get up, walk around, bounce on a labor ball, all that jazz.

I DID NOT! Since my blood pressure was still high, they had me hooked up to the baby heart monitor, the contractions monitor, and the blood pressure cup, taking my blood pressure every 30 minutes (I will say I now hate taking my blood pressure!) I could not do anything. My husband and my Father-in-Law were there with me (thank goodness we had some company).

My Mother in Law just got on a plane to Florida for work when we gave her this piece of information, so she made SURE Pawpaw was there with us! (even though nothing was happening any time soon)

Birth StoriesThey both gave me some entertainment for a while. Here they are trying to figure out that dang chair bed. THEY BROKE IT! haha They fixed soon after, but my goodness they had me rolling!

8 PM

Another round of Cytotec. More monitoring. Last meal until baby! (I actually enjoyed the Cafeteria food! Mmm…Lemon Bars!)

12 PM

Another round of Cytotec. Yes, you guessed it more monitoring. Last Drink until baby! Only Ice Chips now. Not much has been happening at this point. Cervix has thinned but is not 100 percent yet. Father-in-Law went home for the night, and we were trying to get some rest. BUT, that is so difficult when the nurses pop in, what feels like every time you FINALLY fall asleep, to check this or adjust that.

4 AM

Cervix is thinning and I do not need the 4th round of Cytotec. AWESOME! They told me they were going to wait until morning to start the Pitocin. Come on 7 O Clock! Through the night, I was getting a little uncomfortable, starting to have some very small contractions. Boy did I only think I was uncomfortable! Did not get much sleep.


New Nurses. New Day. It’s Baby Day!

My doctor came in at this time, and asked “how we are doing?” She knew! haha They started the Pitocin around this time through my IV, and not long, I could start to feel those contractions.

I had never had a REAL contraction at this point, one where my body does it naturally, but I heard the Pitocin contractions are way worse. Seeing as how it’s being pumped into you to force your cervix to dilate, I could believe it. I’ll admit, they were starting to hurt a little. I could not get comfortable.

A couple hours in, I was still very uncomfortable, and to make things worse, the baby’s heart rate dropped a little. The nurses came in and had me roll over to my side to see if the change in position would help.

Well, it didn’t. It seemed as though he did not like the Pitocin anymore (he just didn’t want to come out, Stubborn Child…STILL!)

They stopped the Pitocin. My body was progressing at this point, so they decided to stop it and see how I would do.

I started to get really uncomfortable, but they advised me not to get an epidural this early, if I didn’t need it yet. BUT they did offer me something else. AND YALL, this stuff was UHHmazing! It was a pain relieving drug, and I could not remember the name of it, but it helped SO much. At this point, I NEEDED something to help me relax and this did just that.

I do remember my Mom finally getting there, and she told me after what we talked about at this time. (hahaha) I apparently told her I wanted Milk Duds and tacos, and I could not stop laughing or keep my eyes open! My husband loves to relive this moment! Let’s just say, whatever it was, I’m glad they gave it to me.

11 AM

The contractions were STRONG now! The Pitocin gave me the push I needed, and we were going somewhere, I thought. Nurses checked me and they called me about a 3.


First time Mom here, and I’m thinking “How the HELL am I only a 3!” Crap! My husband reminded me that if I wanted the Epidural, I needed to tell them BEFORE I got to the point of no return! They told us earlier that it would take about 45 minutes from the time I asked for it, for it to actually be done. I thought about that and told my husband to go ahead and call them!

*I am not very good with pain. I knew coming into this that I would be okay with having an Epidural! Goodness I’m glad I did!*

It did not take that long…thank goodness!

The Doctor came in with a Big Ole smile on his face and an even Bigger tray of “Something” I could not, and I did not want to, see what was on that said tray! He was one of the nicest people in that hospital! There wasn’t much to this “thing I thought was going to just RUIN me”.

He explained what he would be doing (mostly to my husband), had me sit up, hold a pillow on my lap, and squeeze my husbands hands. He told me I would feel something cold, and I did. (it was the cleaning cloth haha) and that’s all I remember!

I mean, I did feel a little prick, but HONESTLY, my IV was WAY worse! (remember the girl pricked me like 5 times and blamed it on my high blood pressure..come on! haha). I was SO worked up about this whole ordeal, having heard SO many people tell me I should not get this, it hurts so bad, blah blah blah. I am SO happy I got that thing!

It’s crazy how fast that starts to work, I could finally relax a little bit!

I also realized the numbness of the Epidural. I was leaning towards the end of my bed, talking to my husband, only to look down and realize I was elbowing my legs, hard. And I couldn’t even feel that I was touching my leg. haha Weird feeling!

Finally falling asleep, and turning to get a little more comfortable (which is hard when you can’t feel your legs ha), I feel something. I wake my husband up with “Babe, I think I might have peed on myself!” He replies back with laughter “You can’t, you have a catheter in, let me get the nurse!”

I honestly, HONEST, had no idea I had one in! Yes, I’m sure they told me they were putting it in and all that, but that was right after my epidural and I couldn’t feel a thing! (Makes me laugh thinking back on it)

*I MADE sure I paid attention during my second birth!*

Well, I did not pee on myself, My water broke!

The nurses checked to see how far I was after telling me my water broke, and I was at a 5 now! Half way there! (EYE ROLL!)

2 PM

My time guess has been passed up. (1:50 PM) and I’m getting ready.

My sister showed up after work and kept me company while my husband stretched his legs and got something to eat (Thanks a lot Babe! haha)

My sister and I have this thing now, where we bring each other a stuffed animal and name it (with a G name), so we have something to squeeze while in labor. It all started with Geoffrey the Giraffe, whom my Son sleeps with now! (Oh my heart!)

Birth Photos

After my epidural, I started to get these weird “side effects”. Nothing bad by any means, but I did not enjoy it.

*Side note, this also happened with my second baby*

I started to get the shakes really bad. Like could not control myself. I could feel my whole body just tense up and shake. Ugh, I can feel the sensation now as I’m typing!

It’s kind of funny to think back on, because this happened with both babies, and not long after the shaking started, Baby Came! hmm..Weird!

3:30 PM

More monitoring and my blood pressure is still high. This time they checked me and I was about a 5 1/2. Almost 24 hours into this thing, and I WAS A FIVE AND A HALF!


My body seemed to have slowed down a bit after having the epidural, so my husband decided to take a nap, seeing how I was no where near pushing time, right.

Well, I started to feel that feeling, you know what I’m talking about if you’ve had a baby. THAT FEELING.

4 PM

The nurse came in and asked if there was anything I needed at the moment, and I mentioned that I felt like I needed to (cough) poop, and I had a ton of pressure down there. She was not going to check me at that time, but after what I said she said it couldn’t hurt.

She checked me and said “Wow, you’re at a 9!”

A NINE! Wheww that went fast. She told me she was off to call my Doctor cause this could happen at any moment.

She walked out of the room, and I said “Babe….” He didn’t answer me so I yelled, “BABE!” He jumps up out of his little chair bed thing, and said “What happened what?”

He was asleep for less than 30 minutes and I had jumped from a 5 1/2 dilated to a 9 and almost ready! I told him that they just checked me and I was now a 9. I have never seen him move SO fast! ( haha I’m laughing just thinking about it)

He asked me how long he’d been asleep and I said “Umm…30 minutes maybe”. He was amazed. Actually, so was I, and getting a little nervous now!

My Father in Law, sister, and mother were all waiting outside the door after they checked me, and only got to peek in one last time until it was Go time.

Lots of “Love yous” were said at that moment. (teary eyed)

4:15 PM

Even though you have an epidural, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything! Man, was I UNCOMFORTABLE! The pressure was something I still don’t know how to explain in words.

My Doctor walked in the door in high heels, dress clothes, and her hair was beautiful. Turns out she was headed to dinner with her husband. Biggest smile on her face, you’d never guess I just interrupted her date (man have I mentioned how much I love her).

She flips her head over into her hair cap, put her gown on, and said “Lets have a baby!”

Good thing she got there when she did, cause when she checked me, she could see his head!

It was time, BABY TIME! We were about to be parents.

My blood pressure was still high, so they decided to give me an oxygen mask in the middle of my pushes. I can still remember thinking in my mind “Man I wish I was still on my couch at this moment. Everything normal, not in this pain. I’ll give birth tomorrow!”

Seems crazy to be thinking that at this moment but man was I in pain! But, my husband was there, squeezing my hand through every contraction, bringing me back to where we were about to be! Man, I’m grateful for him!

Not but 2 pushes in, Doc is giving our baby a Mohawk while he was crowning. I had requested a mirror so I could see everything and I’m glad I did. DO it, you will not regret it! Not only did I get to see that mohawk (which lightened my mood a little) but she would point and say push right here. Seeing where she was pointing helped me to push “correctly”.

She used oil and used it amply! Goodness, I’m glad she did too, because I ended up only needing 1 internal stitch!

Having my doctor, the nurses, and my husband all giving me “Good jobs”, “almost there”, and “One more push” helped me SO much! My support system was AMAZING! I can’t thank everyone enough, and I really only knew 2 of them!

Two more pushes, and the head is out. Doctor says “One more push for the shoulders”, and HE”S OUT!

4:39 PM

All I remember was gushes of something and seeing his face for the first time. Honestly after that, nothing else mattered!

The oxygen mask, the blood pressure cup, the fact that we had been there for 24 hours! None of that mattered right then. They laid that baby on my chest and my life was HIS!

(Do you see the smile on my husbands face..Oh My HEART!)

FIrst Look


6 Pounds 11 1/2 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long. MY SON!

Birth Scale

Newborn Picture

Newborn Picture

Everything was Perfect! He was Perfect. I honestly can’t believe that kid is THREE now!

I thank the Good Lord everyday for this baby, and how he came into this world.

Don’t be nervous if you’re having to be induced. It’s not a bad thing when it’s needed!

-Let me just tell you, I DID END UP GETTING THOSE MILK DUDS! My Mother is amazing haha

We did not take any photos DURING the birth, but we did get the good ones right after! Enjoy, and thanks Yall! I love reminiscing on the Births of my Babies!

Newborn Newborn Learning to Swaddle First Bath That Smile First Look






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